Monday, August 14, 2017


It is certainly not a new phenomenon, as I’ve noticed it for a number of years.  I thought it must be a fad or phase or craze, but it continues apace.  To what am I referring you might ask?  Well, it is this inexplicable rite that primarily women engage in when being photographed at some charitable event or for a social media posting.  The strike a pose.  Yes, we all tend to smile and even beam when the subject of a photographer’s tool.  Sometimes we even act goofy if one of a group suggests it, but this is different.  Specifically, the women I’ve seen pose for the snapshot with a hand placed firmly upon the hip, dramatically so, with the attached elbow pointing to the horizon.  Just one side, not both.  What is that?  They don’t do it, say, when have a group photo taken while skiing or at the lake.  Men don’t do the same, at least that I’ve seen.  Can someone explain?  Color me ‘puzzled’.

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