Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Sartorial Splendor of Male Politicians

I concede the fact that I watch a de minimis amount of televised nonsense (e.g. Fox News, CNN and the like), but I do read various publications while holding them in my hands as well as online.  Surely I cannot be the sole American that notices the boring selections made by our elected male officials in their choice of neckties.  Seriously?  Take a look if you haven't and you will see that some purveyor of expensive silk cravats is selling scads of blue and red ties to the male political class.  Not blue or red striped ties or ones with a nice print, but solely blue and red, solid color ties.  Are we supposed to see these men as more patriotic for the choice of tie color?  Do their handlers and public relations flacks think we would turn on them if--god forbid--one of them wore a green one?  I must be missing something in this analysis.  Perhaps the chiefs of staff for these failed student council candidates have developed some sort of algorithm (no, not an Al Gore Rhythm) to determine what resonates best with the voters.  Frankly, I might vote for some guy wearing a yellow tie with a single windsor knot just because he's outside the mainstream.  What gives?

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  1. I had a friend ask me just yesterday about why Pres Trump wears the same suit and tie every day. I had to laugh as it does seem that way. I am thinking that Trump, like Steve Jobs, has a closet full of the same outfit, so that time and energy are not wasted on thinking about what to wear. It is actually a "thing" :